Facts About Jason Derulo To Get A Feel Of Personality

I would like to portray jason’s personality within my lyric video assignment so here are some facts:

Jason Joel Desrouleaux, Born September 21, 1989 in Miami Florida , stage name: Jason Derülo, is an American singer-songwriter, actor and dancer. After producing records for several artists and writing songs for Cash money records , co-founder of the label Birdman,Young Money Entertainment  owner Lil Wayne and rapper Diddy , Derülo signed to minor recording label Beluga Heights. After Beluga Heights became part of the Warner Music group, Derülo released his debut single, “Whatcha say” in May 2009, which sold over five million digital downloads, gaining an RIAA certification of double platinum, and reaching number 1 in the US and New Zealand.

As jason has written most of his songs you can tell his personality by just listening to them, ‘dont want to go home’ ( the song for my lyric video) portrays he has a very vibrant and fun personality.

Last march I saw him live and the stage/props used were very ‘different’ and alot of strobe lights and other lighting effects were used. Alot of dancing was involved aswell which shows he has a very energetic personality. My video will definately include birght colours/flashy lighting effect which will suit his personality to this song completely.

As in Derulos words : “I wanted to write a feel-good song so that people could escape their problems, their pain, and their turmoil” So this video needs to portray happiness.

This was at his concert and as you can see alot of light effects were used and also you can see part of a dancer which shows how energetic he is on stage.



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