Choosing font for my video

From is the first word that will be seen and it is also quite an emphasized word in the song.  So I have been looking at different font styles to see which one would sort it the best. Next to the font styles I listed what font was used, what style and what size.

 Font 1) I like this font and will probaly use it on some other words during the video but I  don’t think it’s suitable for ‘from’.   Font 2) Still doesnt emphasise the word. Font 3) I like this one because it’s simple and does emphasise the word. Font 4) Caps locks is better as it makes the word stand out more. Font 5) emphasises the word and also is a tiny bit detailed so it’s not boring. Font 6) Definately emphasises but is a bit busy.

Fonts 1 and 4 – both plain and straight to the point Fonts 2 and 5 – Decorative to make a statement  Font 3- needs to be emphasised but not too much.








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