Building up towards my manifesto

To make sure I will actually be able to write a thousand words indepthly , I am creating notes so when I do write it, it should be easier to do.

I am passionate about achieving my dream job ”

I wish that there was more peace and respect in this world”

I believe that you should treat people how you expect to be treated in return”

I fear, dying before I have lived my life to the maximum”

I love how much my family care about me”

Happiness is something that you should enjoy every second of”

Right now I am working towards achieving my goals”

What are my strengths?

Putting others first, being caring, friendly too everyone, I try my best at everything I do, when I want something I don’t give up until I achieve it.

My weaknesses?

I take everyones opinion’s to heart, sometimes I am to shy to broadcast my opinion, sometimes I dont express my feelings enough and keep them hidden.

Is this what my family and friends would say about me? 
I think only my mum and  my boyfriend are close enough to me, to deep down know that the information above is correct.


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