Rounding Up/ Expanding Ideas

Final Colour Scheme

This is the final selection of colours. These were chosen because they’re bright/bold, bright colours link to my audio as the audio is quite techno which corresponds to bright colours.

There is a black as that is going to be the background colour as it’s the perfect colour to make the colours look brighter/stand out more and contrast.

The emphasized words during the song are going to be the brightest words, the other words will be white to add more contrast.


Final Font choices

The top font is for the emphasized multicoloured words, as the font type needs to be thick so it grabs you attention easily, plus the song flows very well so the edges need to be rounded.

The bottom font is for the rest of the lyrics, the font is still bold so it creates attention but doesn’t grab all of the attention of the emphasized words. The words in this font are white.

Effects That Are Going To Be Used

I want a camera zooming in and out to create a flow, the flow is important as it’s quite a ‘dancey’ song, so it needs to be recognized as this.

Why Are The Bright Colours And Bold Fonts So Important?

I found out from my research that they’re important as Jason is known for his club/electro songs and on stage his movements are bold with bright lights/objects. So the colours also portray his personality well.



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