Website research

I made this spider diagram with just a couple of pointers of what subjects I can look into, I next researched this subjects and chose the websites I liked the most from each subject to give me inspiration and too help see what subject would be the easiest to make a website on.



1) is a simple layout but so is 2) but I think 2) pulls it off better as the bright colours and just looks more professional. I don’t think i will chose to make a personal website as I don’t really think I have that many interesting things about me to talk about!


They’re both very nice/professional designs, I think number 2 is the best as it has a very good use of typography , the typography part has really inspired me! I might make a portfolio as it will come in handy for the future.

I chose this subject as I would enjoy researching and i already know a lot about this celeb aswell. I love how effective the simple background is.


Well obviously these are very rich companies so their websites are very very professional! I cannot make a company website as I don’t really have any ideas of what company i could make up.

These websites are highly animated, in which I can’t do yet. These websites are more reliant on images rather than typography.







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