First Drafts/Ideas On Emotional Typyography

1. Trust is in a ‘praying hand’ position with the word belief in the shape of a cross. This shows the trust in belief.

2. Trust is white on a black background. Trust is bold against the background to show trust is strong. All the words are ‘linked/touching’ each other to show ‘connection’ which shows a strong trust. The letter U is the biggest as trust is personal and different to every person such as in beliefs for example.

3. The same as 2. but it has the words ‘belief’ ‘faith’ ‘dependance’ ‘confidence’ which makes up the letters of trust. In which it does, trust wouldn’t be built without these words.

4. Same concepts but trust is bold, the words are in the background and faint to show these words need to have a meaning before trust is made.

Broken Trust :

Trust is literally broken, same concepts as before, strong contrast colours, big U, letters linked. But this time letters have been broken. Next I am going to experiment to show how easily trust can be broken.



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