Working On Kinetic Typography

After looking at other music videos which use kinetic typography I realised they don’t really use and pictures, which I thinks makes the video look more professional. So I have opted to only have 2 pictures of a sun, as I want this video to seem professional.

There is a few effects in the video:

The word moves up and down with two words with a lower opacity in the background.

These words slide across the screen.

Sun goes across.

Dark opaque square comes across, to show ‘low’

‘blown’ blows across the screen.

red and yellow writing slides down behind the black text.


Multicoloured flashing home.

If I had more time I would’ve liked to of used the camera but as I ain’t very confident with the camera I have a feeling it would’ve taken me a long time to use it. I like the effects used and I think the colour scheme and the font make it look quite professional.




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