D&AD student awards brief

I was given several briefs from D&AD student awards. I then had to read through the briefs too see which one I would find the most interesting to do. I chose ’17’ makeup range by boots brief, as I am interesting in design and makeup.  I also knew thought that I can relate to it as this makeup range is targeted to girls like me.

To get a clearer understanding I have rewritten the brief:


In the cosmetics world competition is tough The looks play a major part in purchasing. The challenge is to come up with a strong concept which persuades girls to think that these cosmetics help express their personality and are part of their essential ‘tool kit’.

The target audience is girls ranging from 12 -19 years old who aspire to look more mature and look/feel amazing. The look we are going for has to be stylish, sassy contemporary and fresh.


The type of things to be considered are product ideas,packaging ideas, in store presentation, online, cost effective advertising, events and own able promotions.


An idea that uses three of the points above.

To submit – upload images of work



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