Carrying on the idea

I am going to research into the most natural makeup that 17 has :

This is the only mascara they have which isn’t ‘full on’.

It’s a clear mascara which is good for the age that it’s targeted at.

The packaging is very dull.





Where as the packaging for ‘show stopping lashes’ ( makes your lashes very thick and false looking)

is much more imaginative.  Has like a film reel around it to show it’s ‘photo flawless’. Also it could relate to that all the people in the ‘movies’ where mascara like this.






Metallic eyeshadow

“Dramatic pigments & metallic sheen for a fierce smokey eye at your fingertips…”


If the makeup is aimed at girls from age 12 , this is promoting thick heavy makeup !



Pots of eye shadow

“17 Solo Eye Shadow ranges from bold eye-catching shades to matte nudes.”

Okay fair enough there is ‘matte nudes’

The ‘nudes’ still seem to be not very natural though , they also look like they would be quite thick texture.


Yes they do have brown eyeliner (more subtle than black).

The advertising of this product doesn’t advertise anything natural though,

“17 Perfect Definition Eye Liner are soft, long-lasting, and great for giving your eyes smouldering definition.”


VERY plain design, only does light and medium colours.

“17 Sheer Moisture Foundation is a moisturising foundation that provides soft, sheer cover to give you a healthy, natural glow.”

As it describes though it IS still a foundation, whereas I am aiming to do tinted moisturiser.

And again the scrolling down the page looking for foundation, this one caught my eye far much more than the above one did!

17 Photo Flawless foundation leaves your face with a flawless matte photo-fabulous finish”


This packaging is eye catchingly cute!

The palette is not very natural colours though! quite bold statement colours for cheeks! Also it’s a bit of a pain if you only want one colour not a mixture, why is there a green!


No clear lipgloss! All coloured, cute design though!


Nice bold contrasting design.

May be a bit to thick constituency though.


Looks like it involves heavy makeup!

Thick bold eyeshadows!


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