Anaylsing the Essay

Media texts routinely develop or extend aspects of earlier works, bringing them to the consumer in new combinations / juxtapositions, cultural contexts, or simply through the application of new technologies. Illustrate this process at work by discussing through two example artefacts of your choice (one contemporary and one historical) that you can argue are linked in this way, identifying the various aspects that they share and how they can be seen to have resonance in both pieces.

Brief rewritten to make writing the essay easier :

juxtapositions:  placing of verbal elements side by side, leaving it up to the reader to establish connections and impose ameaning.

Comparing something recent to something old but the something recent sterns from something old.

Show how everything old has a great influence on new things.

Describe the advances of technology and the media.

Discuss the artist/designer movement.

Discuss how they link ,Similarities.

Ideas of what objects my essay could be based upon:

Internet shopping to catalogues?

Newspapers and the internet?

first mobile phone and current mobile phone?

one of the first bentleys and one of the newer ones?






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