Previous promotions from 17 cosmetics:

Think Leopard!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful bronzer than one adorned with leopard print and sparkles? It’s completely OTT, blingstastic and unnecessary, but I blimin love it. This bronzer from 17 Cosmetics actually has a leopard print design on the top, with gold glitter sprinkled for good measure, to give you a golden glow whatever the season. You may think wacking on the bronzer is a bit too much in January, but never has there been a more appropriate time to de-pale yourself and make the most of the fakeness available to get you through the season.

A beautiful design! but FARRRRR to fake for girls as young as 12!!!!!!!!









Get the MIAMI look!

In life there are “winter” girls, who make toasty knits and chunky boots look good, and there are “summer” girls, whose effortless, beachy style we envy all summer long. And then, on a different planet completely, there are Miami girls. Sexily tousled hair, honeyed skin all year-round, and that nonchalant way they rock a colourful pop of neon-bright make up…jealous? Us? Not now we’ve got a stack of new make up weapons from the 17 beauty cupboard! As you know, we’re the sharing types, so here’s the skinny…


Promoting ‘fakeness!’

As I am almost 19 I could get away easily wearing this stuff, but a 12 year old would just look like a young girl trying to fit in to what this promotion calls looking ‘sexy’ like someone from miami.


Tanning tips

To ‘adultish’ again!








Get ready for the oscars!

Tips on how to cake on mascara.



















I am confused about those above promotions, it seems like it’s makeup for 19+

I better reread the D&AD brief!

Target audience from the brief:

Primary – young women between 14- 19 who like to look and feel amazing. Secondary – 12-15 year olds aspiring to be young adults.

Okay 18/19 year olds could get away with thick heavy makeup but I think 12-17 year olds should keep it simple  as you are still in education until you’re 18.

So by me choosing natural makeup I don’t think i have made the target audience smaller, as some adults may want a natural kit they want to wear to work.

I think the kit helps the teenagers get ready for work as for a professional job you cannot wear thick makeup , whereas this kit gives a good balance.

I think I need to target my promotions around education but also around ‘beauty’. As i also want the kit to promote natural beauty.


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