I want to promote ‘natural beauty’ , which these makeup company’s never seem to do! I think this is a great USP.

I am researching other company’s that promote natural:



Dove promotes that you should be happy in your own skin, I am going to look at their advertisements and see if they have done any promotions to try inspire ideas.

< confidence boosting, a simple good idea!

Inspiring quotes from people that were involved in the campaign:

I love the quote “truth is beauty! “


^ Dove done this famous advertisement of how I normal natural women was turned into a model by loads of makeup and photoshop.

Promotional Ideas So Far

My promotion needs a mix of education and natural beauty.

It needs to be involved with an activity that normal teenagers do:


ice skating


Or could team up with a shop?

body shop promotes its ‘natural’ products, maybe could fit this into a scheme?

Body shop have natural makeup but it’s aimed at adults.

My makeup products could also be made out of natural materials.

Team up with body shop? soem kind of promotion

collect items then get case

or involve body shop more and get free moisturizer’s or something.

Next blog will be researching body shops promotions!



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