Teaming up with BODY SHOP

After deciding that all the makeup is going to be made environmentally friendly I had a brain wave that 17 cosmetics ‘Erase Fakery’ could team up with Body shop.

Body shops values:

We believe there is only one way to be beautiful,
nature’s way.

We’ve believed this for years and still do. We constantly seek out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe, and we bring you products bursting with effectiveness to enhance your natural beauty. Whilst we’re doing this we always strive to protect this beautiful planet and the people who depend on it. We don’t do it this way because it’s fashionable. We do it because, to us, it’s the only way.

How do we make our customers and employees feel good about themselves?

We believe that true beauty comes from confidence, vitality and inner wellbeing. We strive to use imagery which doesn’t play on women’s insecurities, and to bring you products that enhance your natural beauty and express your unique personality.

My Promotion Ideas

Body shop sell makeup but it’s aimed at adults , so why not make teenage makeup collaborated with a famous brand ’17 cosmetics’.


17 cosmetics has launched a new line called “Erase Fakery”. This environmentally friendly makeup range is aimed at teenage girls who don’t want to change how they look but enhance their natural beauty. The makeup kit looks like school equipment, as school is the main place teenagers go and their makeup has to be minimal. This makeup kit can be used anywhere though, not just school! So come on lets group together with Body shop and erase fakery!

How teaming up with Body shop will help

In all of the body shop stores , there will be a section of the store that sell these items.

A stamp card? Whenever you buy a 17 ‘erase fakery’ product or body shop product, you get a stamp on the card. You have to collect 6 stamps and then you would get the ‘erase fakery’ cosmetics bag free? Also a booklet which tells you how to enhance your beauty naturally!


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