Finalising my company name, logo, quotes and sticking to colour scheme

After thinking of a few ideas, the only ones I could actually think of didn’t sound professional/right.

The I thought about blossom? As it’s simple, it can relate to my colour scheme as it would suit pastel colours.

Next step is to design a simple logo.

First I am going to look at logos that have already been used:

After looking at this selection of professional company’s logos it’s clear that the logo needs to clear and get it’s point straight across.

I am now going to browse through font squirrel to look at fonts.

The font i have chosen is called Anonymous. 

It’s quite a simple font and I didn’t think it portrayed ‘girly’ enough. So I replaced the ‘o”s  with a flower which is coloured pastel pink and green to keep within a colour scheme.

^ Final logo.

Next is to come up with quotes:

– Radiant finish

– Optimal coverage

– 16 intense shades

– A look that actually lasts for 24 hours

– The Makeup  range that’s aimed at real women

I have then started to make the ending part of the advert, the back ground is a gradient of pink and green.


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