Heat Magazine

I decided to change topic from Bentleys to Heat magazine as in lecture we had a discussion on what kind of topic we were doing and I realised the topic had to include something about design so i thought it would be much easier to do some kind of magazine.

I chose Heat magazine as it’s the magazine that I read so I am pretty use to it’s design and also I did know some background information about it. Once I found out that in 1999 Heat was released as a mens magazine I thought it would good to compare Heat from when it first released to today. As there were major changes of development and as the magazine turned into a womens magazine in 2000 the design and the idea of the magazine stayed the same throughout the years. I am also going to compare the change of website layout and talk about all of the other media Heat has dipped into.

Research/ Bibliography

I looked up for Heat Magazine and I couldn’t find many websites for about the history of the magazine.

So for the comparing design work I just looked at these images and compared :


For the facts and general outline of heats history I read this website and soaked in the information:




Comparing the website:



The Essay Plan:



  • What is heat magazine?
  • Why I chose it


Paragraph 1

  • When heat was first released
  • Which countries they were released in
  • Comparing the audience and costs


Paragraph 2

  • Different layouts and looks
  • change of content


Paragraph 3

  • How heat has developed into a website
  • Layouts of website
  • DVDS/ radio station



  • Conclude the comparisons of how heat has developed into the magazine it is today.

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