Design practice

In our first lecture we had to describe ourselves to the rest of the class ( in what type of worker we are, what graphics we do and what work inspires us).   I said I was elle frail as I always would do anything to meet up with the clients needs but I am also bashful as I put my work down a lot of the time. We also had to see what kind of worker we were so then we could tell the rest of the class and this would help us choose our groups for our first assignment. I said I was a someone who likes the work to be perfect and I keep working on the work until I think it’s okay.

Our first assignment is too make a design agency with 3-6 other people in our group. I chose people who i think are hard workers and that want good grades. We are having a group meeting tomorrow so then we can decide who’s going to do what part in this group.


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