Concepts/ Ideas for visual effects assignment

Reading through the brief

Your task for this assignment is to take what you have learned about the visual effects that After Effects is capable of producing, and create a short visual effects piece. The effects must be obviously necessary whilst blending seamlessly into the aesthetic of the piece as a whole. Effects are intensive both on the artist and on the computer when the time comes to render the finished piece, and for this reason your piece must not exceed 30 seconds. The effects themselves can last as long as you feel necessary but in this instance it will pay to remember that bigger is not always better and a shorter, better composed effects sequence (for example around 10 seconds) placed into a longer scene with attention paid to the way the effects interact with the scene and how well they fit the aesthetic may gain a higher mark than a 30 second long explosion sequence!The piece will be assessed on your composition, and the seamlessness with which your effects fit within the piece, your ability to accurately keyframe parameters and the suitability of the effect within the narrative of your piece. You will also be expected to implement skills and theory learned in your first year. An understanding and utilisation of context and narrative, pipeline processes and time management will be expected.

I am going to look at a few examples of visual effects on youtube to help me see what kind of work i aspire too.

I looked at examples of visual effects in films sucha the avengars and alice in wonderland (the remake) and decided that these effects are way out of my league as it takes teams of highly skilled artists to do these scenes. So instead I decided to youtube effects that people have made using after effects  (people that have just been messing around with visual graphics). I thought this would give me more ideas and much easier goal to achieve.

^ This video showed a man inside a lambrini bottle. I like the idea of having a person in goldfish bowl/underwater as I want to place someone into a place that is impossible to go to or is unbelieveable?

^ This video shows a man who videoed himself on a greenscreen and then added a water effect (video/plugin) over the top of his footage.

^ Underwater scene made on after effects.
Unusual thing added to a normal scene?

Like a teddy bear added to a motorway

The moon talking?




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