My Design Philosophy

First of all what does design philosophy mean?

Design philosophy is simply someone’s philosophy on design: what they are trying to accomplish with design, and, more importantly, what one thinks design should accomplish.
Basically, it’s someone’s way of spelling out exactly what they think the purpose of design is, what it’s role is in the process of completing a project. Some think aesthetics have nothing to do with design. Some think design follows content, not the other way around. Others think that design is KISS all the time, everywhere. None of these are wrong, really, they are all just different approaches.
The most important thing about the term “design philosophy” is to keep it separate from “design style.”

My style minimalist , so this is a good example of text which shows the difference between my style and philosophy:

Someone’s style may be minimalist — they like the look of clean designs, be it architecture, websites, logos, products, etc. — but their philosophy may be entirely different. If that person is designing minimally for the sake of how it looks, they aren’t truly designing minimally, they are designing aesthetically. Designing minimally would be designing for function over form.

My Philosophy for design:

My main philosophy is based on the client and that everything is for the benefit of the user. “Will this benefit my client? Is this what the client wants?” is the first question I ask myself after checking my design. As the client is the person that is paying you so you should cater to their wants.


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