Need to expand my Cloning machine idea!

My idea:

Advertise a cloning machine that will make you a smaller version of yourself!

What is the point of having a smaller version of yourself?

Useless at remembering dates? Well just pull out your clone from your pocket and tell them you want to go to that party on the 29th, when it comes to the 29th your clone will pop out your pocket and remind you of that party which is happening. Could also do other useful bits like if you get lost it could help you find the way. drop something into a small place they can climb there way and get the item back, can calculate sums for you.

A small slave? clears your crumbs off of the floor?

Basically like a small pet which shares your adventures with you.

Feeding the small clone?

Can eat any human food aslong as it is in small pieces,

Can sleep, look after itself with the products this brand sells specifically for this small human.

Where can you get this product?

Cloning machine in all major supermarkets

Have to be over a certain age?  or parental permission



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