What is the point of my visual effects piece?

I need to think about what I aim to do with this visual effects piece

Is it a movie trailer?

Advertising a product?

Out of these to quick examples I would prefer to advertise a product because I really enjoy advertising, trying to think up ideas to bribe the audience to buy this product, to entertain them and most importantly grab thier attention so this product stays fresh in thier mind.

What to advertise?

I need to come up with own brand/ product

So that the audience cant compare my work to the brands previous adverts if its a new product.


What kind of product?



Target Audience


Young Adults


How will the ‘small people in a giants world’ link in with the advert?

Will think about this before deciding the target audience and product. Needs to link effectively.



One thought on “What is the point of my visual effects piece?

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