Expanding my visual effect concept

Advertise a cloning machine that will make you a smaller version of yourself – These machines are avaliable in most well known super markets.

What is the point of this cloning machine?

This little cloned version of yourself basically has kind of the same functions as an electronic device,

Gives reminders – Party on the 29th? Your little miniature you will remind you a few hours before the time you told him/her when you got the invite.

Sick of missing your phone alarm in the morning/ do you press the snooze button continiously until youre too late for work/class and end up being late? Your miniature will do anything to wake you up the next morning on the specific time you asked him/her,  him/her will also remind you before you go to bed what time do you want to wake up. I fyou dont wake up when your miniature calls your name you may end up getting a loud noise into your ear until you actually get out of bed.

Sticking to a budget whilst going shopping? Use the miniature you to calculate how much your groceries add up to you whilst you shop , similarly got a calculation but youre too lazy to type it into your phone/calculator just ask your miniature.

Hate it when you drop objects onto the floor or drop litter on the ground? Let your miniature run around and make your life a little easier.

Memos  Here a song on the radio and have no where to write it down? The miniature has the most powerful memory any human would dream of.

How does the minature work? how do I take care of him/her?

Simply works in the same nature as a human. Whenever youre eating just give your miniature a tiny piece, they get full easy and eat anything!

Do they sleep  and if so where do they sleep?

They use alot of engery up during the day so make sure they get at least two hours sleep! The beds are available next to the cloning machine if not just use a small container with some soft material inside.

What happens if I dont want my clone anymore?

If you get  bored eith your miniature , do not let it suffer and stop feeding it! There’s a simple on/off button at the back.
Miniatures cannot feel pain either just incase people only clone themselves for thr wrong use.

Is there a certain age you have to be to own a clone?

You have to be 16+ , you need to bring some sort of id , suchas passport, student card, drivers license. The cloning machine scans this before youre allowed to start , it scans your age , youre name and basic structure of your face to make sure you are using your own id.

Where do i put it after i turn it off?

Your clone comes in a box when you buy it, we advise you to keep this box, so when you turn it off you can store it somwhere safely. When your clone is turned off it doesnt feel anything, it’s completely lifeless.




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