Looking at young folk week

Young folk pages from last years programme

I read these pages to get a feel for what type of workshops happen.

From the programme i can see that the main colour is yellow and they seem to quite like the traditional look.

Jenni emailed Jo asking some questions that will help us a lot with our concept , here are the questions:


What methods have you used previously to encourage more local young folk to

In direct marketing terms, we have advertised the existence of the Young
Folk events in the main souvenir programme. We've always had good intentions
to do a targeted campaign with separate leaflets etc but never had the time
to do a comprehensive campaign.

What we did do in 2008, 2009, 2010 was work with Kent Music School to offer
workshops to young instrumentalists in schools. So we had a mini-roadshow
that went into a couple of schools as a recruitment type drive - and then we
obtained funding from the Arts council to set-up a regular folk music group
to meet in Broadstairs and then perform at Folk Week on stage. This is quite
specialised in its way but was open to a broad range of abilities.
We did have more local young people in our workshops during the festival -
but this is very difficult to sustain without a distinct marketing campaign
(this is where you come in!)

Are there any methods that you particularly want to be avoided? e.g.
flyers, social media etc.
Don't mind what medium you use - just bear in mind the cost!

Is there any information that must be included? e.g. workshop leaders have
valid CRB checks, partner or sponsor logos etc.
Workshop leaders do have CRB checks and we do have a sponsor for the Young
Folk programme -well we have had for the past 2 years - the Co-op Community
Fund - logo attached.

Do you have any electronic files of your branding information that we could
use? Such as images of Clarence and the typeface used on your programme.

I've attached our Hooden Horse logo and the type face used for Broadstairs
Folk Week -



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