Surveying Parents For Ideas On How To Target Young Folk Week

I made an account on a website forum that’s specifically for parents called I am also going to put the list onto a few other websites until I find a website that lets you make surveys for free then I will send them to my mum for her to share on her Facebook. Here are the questions I’ll be asking:

Would your child be interested in?

theatre sessions, instrumental sessions, singing sessions, concerts, crafts, performances

How do you find out about the workshops for your child/children around your local area?

school, leaflets through letter box, online, radio

How far would you be willing to travel?

5-10 miles, 10-15 miles, 15-20 miles, 20+

Is your child interested in crafts?

yes, no

Would you take your child to a workshop for

educational reasons, their enjoyment , both

Does your child find participating in competitions enjoyable?

yes  no

 when respond had finished I posted the questions on to another site. This site was called and in their coffee house forum they allow posts especially for surveys, so I thought it was worth trying for more response


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