Teaching children climate change

Why drive when you can walk?! If your family has a car, get them to use it less. Walk to the shops. Walking, running, skipping are all much more fun than sitting in a boring un-cool car. If you need to travel further than you can walk, use a bus, metro or train if you can.

Make your own climate!

  • Turn the heating down in winter. If you’re cold, wear more clothes!
  • Turn the air conditioning down in summer or use a fan.

Shop Locally: If you can, buy your food from local farm shops and try and avoid imported goods. Trucks and planes bringing in food and stuff from other countries, or from distant parts of your own country, use huge amounts of fuel.

Get your parents to change their driving habits… and their car. Cars guzzle fuel, but they use much less if people drive them gently and keep below speed limits

urning things off may seem a boring turn-off. But leaving lights, heating, air conditioning, computers, TVs and stuff on when you don’t need them wastes a lot of energy. Turning them off saves money too!



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