Tracking tool

I have very bad abdominal pain at the moment which I went to a & e about and even the prescription didn’t help me, i really wanted to go to visual effects today but I knew I couldnt cope with the two hour journey to get there.I was on WordPress blogs and noticed someone out of my lecture was saying that they’re learning about tracking tool in after effects today, which I will need for my visual effects piece, so because I have had to miss a lesson, I shall teach myself it.

What is motion tracking?

Motion tracking in itself is not a visual effect, but an essential tool to help you create visual effects. It allows you to track the motion of moving elements in your footage and extract information about their position, rotation and scaling.You can then use this tracking data to control other layers in your composition and, for example, create visual effect elements and have them follow your tracked object.This allows you to do things like have blood stains stick to walls during a moving shot, add a halo or other effect to follow your actor, erase objects from your scene and much much more.

Base Footage

If you want to do motion tracking in a scene, make sure the element you want to track stands out cleanly against the background while shooting your footage. A person dressed in black walking in front of a dark sky will likely be hard to track. You can make motion tracking easier by adding tape markers or other helpers to your actors or objects to make them easier to track.
It is MUCH easier to remove a tracking marker than it is to track an indistinct object!


After reading this really clear tutorial -

I now believe that once i have the footage I will easily be able to track it with help from this tutorial.


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