Enviroment Survey

Environment Campaign Survey

 Do you recycle at home?

          Yes       No

 If yes, is your child aware of this?

          Yes       No          NA

 Do you find it hard to make things like switch tv off when it’s not on, fun?

         Yes          No       Never tried

 Do you know if your child’s school are currently running an environment scheme?

        Yes        No       Not sure

 Does your child ever bring home any homework to do with the environment?

        Yes       No    Not sure

 Are you interested in helping the environment?

       Yes        No

 Have you ever been interested in learning more to become more environmental friendly?

       Yes      No

 Does your child engage more with information when it is put across in a ‘fun’ way (such as using characters)

      Yes     No


Going to put these questions into a survey and pass onto my mum as my brother and sister go to primary school so she knows alot of parents that could help me with this campaign. 


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