Logical solutions- Chew your own brooch

Designer : Ted Noten

Background of the jewellery: At the Museum Booijmans van Beuningen in 1999 around 800 people, including a lot of children, were presented with chewing gum and asked to ‘chew their own brooch’. Once they were satisfied with what they had chewed, they placed it in a little box, and it was judged by a panel. The first, second and third places were presented with their brooches, made of their chewed gum cast respectively in 24k gold, silver and bronze..

How he came across the idea:  “ I got fascinated by the stains on the streets made by chewing gum that has been spat out. People either look for holes in the pavement to get rid off their gum, or they approach a building and spit it out on the steps before entering. These are places where the density of stains clearly thickens. It made me consider the relevance of such observations to my work as a jewellery maker”.

How it was made : Basic outline:  Ted provides you with a chewing kit. You chew your gum, return it to him and get back a replica brooch cast in sliver or gold – a small sculpture fashioned by your mouth.




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