Relic Rose – Christoph Zellweger

Designer :  Christoph Zellweger

“Where are we going if new functions can be added to the body in a designed way?” asks Swiss jewellery designer Christoph Zellweger. “On a philosophical level, it challenges how we have thought about the human subject.”

Materials : Highly polished stainless steel . Flesh like pale pink colour


Christoph now attempts to bring the discourse around body modification and adornment, which has been taken over by plastic surgery, back into the field of jewellery.

” So, what I’m saying with my work is that the body itself is the new jewel, which makes it open to trivialisation, on the one hand, but also, on the other hand, of imbuing a new meaning – one can now design the body in such a way as to put meaning on to it.”

Zellweger explains that he spent a lot of time on getting the colour just right – not quite flesh colour, definitely not girly, nearly nice and almost seductive. The bone-like shapes that are sometimes anatomical, sometimes not, describe the possibility of a futurist body: “What if this is a relic from the future?”


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