Playing around with cellotape and paint

My second chosen material was cellotape and paint.

Firstly i got a piece of paper and cut off bits of cellotape stuck them on the paper then painted over the top , i then peeled off the cello tape to reveal this:


But the outcome material is paper? The only way to get a suitable outcome is just to constantly play with the material.

sellotape 1

Painting onto sellotape doesn’t work as doesn’t leave a nice effect just a watery one.

Then thought why don’t i dip the sticky side of the sellotape into the paint?

dipping selootape


Wait for cellotape to dry.

I then decided to do the process of typography/scanning/image manip.

So I made the word ‘create’ out of the sellotape.

then scanned it in, cut around in photoshop so it had a white background.



I will now photo manip this in photoshop!


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