The final Result!

I loved the flower idea and I thought the colours on the sellotape looked really pretty and ‘arty’.

For my final piece I wanted to create jewellery rather than a print/poster.

So for my final piece I basically combined idea 1 and idea 2

On the sticky side of the sello tape i placed it into the paint palette and done this too quite a few strips of sello tape.

To dry I placed sticky side up onto my window sill.

selltape on windowsill

I then noticed it was taking too long to dry (even with a breeze coming through window) so I placed strips on to my radiator. After they had dried I placed them onto my floor to give more room on the radiator for the oncoming strips.


I then noticed when you curl the sellotape it wasn’t very strong.


So on top of the painted sello tape I put a layer of sello tape over each side this way it was much more stronger and so much easier to create the flower shape.

layering selltaope

I continued layering smaller and larger curls until I got a flower resembling shape.

I then sello taped a hair pin onto the back of the flower to create a flower hair pin!

This is the end product:



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