Breaking down this essay

The Brief – helping to understand what to write in this essay.
Now that you’ve produced a mashup or remix of some description it’s important to begin to think about the significance of this act of creativity (?) and how it is placed within the wider discussions of Gutenburg economics, consumption, fair-use, copyright and culture.

While some might dismiss a mashup or remix as an act of denigration and low-culture there are those that believe that they represent a creative form unique to the digital age.

Your task is to discuss the legal, creative and social significance of your mashup exercise making reference to a range of appropriate theorists and perspectives that have been introduced this academic year. You are not expected to make an overall judgement over whether the mashup is a legitimate activity, but rather illuminate the perspectives and rhetorics that are applied by people with vested interests on differing sides of the discussion.

Whats being put in this essay

1. Question / Hypothesis / Task

How does my remix situate within copyright laws, participatory culture and resistance.

2. Introduce key terms and ideas

copyright laws, participatory culture and resistance.

3. Introduce your case study / case studies

what my piece does/what it is

4. Analyse the case study / case studies using the key terms and ideas

5. Conclude – summarise your key points, refer back to the Question / Hypothesis / Task.





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