Thinking up more ideas for Broadstairs Folk Week

Gabby and I created a massive spider diagram with these points about folk week on:

Client- Broadstairs Folk Week

-Bland Promoting

-Do not advertise in unique methods

-Don’t want to change prices

-Tight budget

-Community involvement

-Never had separate advertising methods for 8-13 year olds

-Funded by charity



-Folk activities

-Need children’s interest


-Target 12 year olds in childish ways

-Pirate themed

-Colours yellow


Audience- 8-13 year olds

-Like bright attractive items

-Pokemon cards, TY’s, Spaghetti Bracelets

-Enjoy cutting and sticking

-Can be contacted/ promoted to through schools and newspapers

-Watch TV play computer/ video games

-Attend school

-Low attention spans

-Enjoy theatre and crafts


The message:



-8-13 year olds


-Attract children to folk week

-Crafts, theatre, singing, circus tricks, maypole dancing

-Draw attention

-Create two campaigns

-Spread message of Folk week

-Not much marketing money

-Local community

Design led



-Information via radio




-Post boxes




-Circus Tricks

-Will travel up to 15 miles for festival

-Parents want something fun and educational for children


Folk week



-Make friends

-Show parents

-Learn to perform

-Folk, sing dance

-Show off skills


Instrumental sessions


-Folk instruments





-Prate themed


-Folk art



-Cut/ Sticking

-Face paint






-Style and culture


-Mumford and sons


– Confidentce

-Meaningful songs


Circus tricks



-Teach new skills

-New friends





Dance performances

-Fun folk


-Learn new moves


-Make friends

group activities


maypole dancing

-Fun laughter


-Adults and children

-Make friends


Make friends

-Become popular

-Life skill

-Meet new people

-Have fun in folk arts

-Have friends to grow up with


> Links with


Gain confidence


-Important life skill


-Important to parents

-Helps with school, confidence in themselves

-Group work

-Learn to greet new people


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