Notes concluded from lectures

Participatory culture

What constitutes a social network?
Social bonds / people linking with each other.
Creation of identity
Creation of links and connections
Sharing of content

Key terms:
Folksonomy: also know as collaborative tagging,social classification,social indexing and social tagging. It’s where users place something in order (a taxonomu) ,think about users reviews,tagging photos,making links in a social network. 


Low barriers to artistic expression and civic engagement.
Sharing creations
Most experience is passed onto novices
Members believe their contributions matter.
Members feel some degree of social connection with one another.

Cognitive surplus  represents ability of worlds contribution.
Communal , lol cats 
Ushahidi civic

Freedom of ideas


Bio power detournement resistance multitude tribal consumers plunder ad jamming.

Rhetorical that situate mash ups 

Ruling classes 
People people people

Always being visible – whether watched or not


From an external controlling authority
Outside of the people

To a powerful system
Inhabited and maintained by the people
Why do this
Why give control to people
In massive industrialised societies
Bio power is cheap
Bio power enables the extraction of value everywhere


A creation of systems that gets us to control  each other

If we control each other who makes the rules
Who applies the rules
Who decides whether a rule is fair
Bio power is therefore a perfect system of control 

We become the multitude 
What if multitude began to voice it’s opinion


Facebook – show off cool things , awesome life but actually shit,it’s about appearance. 
Faced with this situation how might Debordfight back 

Detournement or the situation
Subvert disrupt reappropriate and distort

Situationist international
Who actually cares?
Walking the city


Producers have power
They deploy strong strategies

People on street level don’t have that view, strive to have one up, critical attacks, tactical subversion 
The walker poaches on the territory of others
Can be done anywhere
Poaching relate To mash up ~ using stuff don’t own
Tribal consumers 
Resistant consumers interact with the market in a critical way
Retain the power to make a product by deciding its cool
Double agents who wilfully pass on tribal information to marketers
Plunderers who actively play with and shape objects whose rights may belong to others


Nlp way of persuading people and changing their opinions 
Aiga ethics document
Participatory – changing the message – ethical?-depends on your beliefs
Broke copyright law for good belief 



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