Overall reflection of my project

Overall I  am fairly happy with my Eco heroes project.

I am hoping the amount of hours it took me to create each individual picture reflects on the overall outcome. I chose to hand draw ALL of the images/branding as I thought it would be more of a ‘professional’ approach.

The book is brightly colours and the characters help entice children , my  little sister thoroughly enjoyed looking through the guide book and asked me if there was anymore books. This was the outcome I wanted, as I wanted to make a brand that could be continued with adventure books and even an animated television programme.

With this project I expanded my knowledge of the importance of colour schemes by picking a small palette of colours to be used, so all the pages link together smoothly throughout the book. I learnt how to set up pages in a book format such as odd number on the right, even number on the left. I learnt how to sew a book together. Expanded my knowledge of indesign.

If there was anything i could change, I would’ve got the book printed out professionally, but I couldn’t afford this. At least I learnt new skills instead of sending my pages to a company to print though.


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