Welcome back to Dp, change of groups!

My group ‘punch’ have joined up with a new group, so now there’s 6 of us in our group.

This time in DP in groups we are all collaborating together to create/run a design exhibition next year.

The first task was to choose from a list of jobs that we want to pitch for on tuesday. The jobs all correspond on the running of this exhibition. My new group have chosen that we are pitching for branding and invitations.

First of all we needed to rebrand ourselves as we had joined together. My group at the moment consists of : Gabby, Jenny,Jen,Pete and Grant.

After several suggestions of new brand name I suggested ‘blue giraffe’ As I think when design agency’s have random names it shows creativity and I personally hate brand names that incorporate the word design.

I thought of blue giraffe as :

1. It’s random so it stands out.

2. Giraffes are tall so it kind of corresponds to ‘aiming high’

3. Blue is a unisex colour

4. Giraffes obviously aren’t blue so it shows some creativity/expression.

This is the brand logo I designed for our group:


Our group pitch for the chance of our group designing the branding and the invitations is on tuesday. So at the moment we are currently working together to create a 10 images x 10 seconds presentation slide using pecha kucha.


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