Bored of a meaningless logo

Okay, in the past when it come’s to creating logos for myself, I’ve always chosen colours/fonts that I like and then I create the logo to how I like it. We’ve been asked to brand ourselves. I am going to use this chance of hopeful creating a logo different to my past logos. What’s going to be so different? Well this time my logo shall have a CONCEPT . Design is done for a reason, with my past logos the design was just about how it looks, this time it shall have a proper concept on why it looks that way. I want my logo to be different,to stand out and show one of my design talents.


I then had a brain storm about what pictograms I could use within my logo, that has meaning.

I’ve now ended up with the idea of using MY fingerprint within my logo, this shall show ORIGINALITY , that everything I do , is created by my ideas, ‘my touch’.

Now its time get my fingerprint and incorporate this idea into hopefully a professional looking logo!


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