1950’s has finally been narrowed down!

After starting off with large broad subject of the 1950’s. I needed to whittle it down to a smaller subject. I know I definitely want to focus on design of the 1950’s adverts as these are what inspired me to do this topic.

Whilst researching I stumbled across 1950’s style adverts but are advertising modern day technology:


This then made me think:

“How about recreating the innocence whilst stirring in feelings of a brave new world?”

What was one of the main advertising campaigns in the 1950’s?

I feel it was the sexism advertisements because they’re so controversial that they’re still spoken about today.

Why don’t I flip this?

I could create sexist adverts towards men. It would be very controversial! Which would definitely make it stand out, I would try to make it light hearted as don’t want it to be a to serious campaign and most importantly this hasn’t been done before!

Now time to research and create the project title!



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