Save The Dates! research

Initial starting point:
Save the dates are digital
Exhibition dates: split so that a student will only have to come for one night, ie their family and business contacts in one slot, other half the class in a later slot.

Concept outline:

Design students as sponges, absorbing everything we can, then recommunicating it in our own unique way.

Multidisciplinary design

-combining several specialized branches of learning or fields of expertise.


Combining – recommunicating – unique- different forms of media

Redefine problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions

Jotting down words/ ideas:

1. Thinking outside the box

2.To re-communicate is to get to de-clutter old priorities, past expectations, and well -worn habits

3. spider diagram – shows different ideas coming from one source

4. one object multiple interpretations

5. Polysemy design




6- Polysemy design – double meaning design


Replace the other images, with pictograms that represent web,graphics and motion graphics.




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