Finalised Advert Ideas

After a whole load of research, the ideas for the three adverts have been finalised! There will shortly be a blog post with an overview of the research done to get to this stage.


Advert One:

Washing Machine Advertisement

Slogan: So simple, that even a man can use it

Product Name: Spinner Machine

Advert Outline Idea:

Man smiling with his new purchase

The point of the advert

Swapping household chores stereotype, showing that men can do/ are happy to do household chores as well.


Advert Two:

‘Man Flu’ Medicine

Slogan: For when he is ill but you don’t have time to be

Product Name: ‘Man Flu’ Relief, Betty’s Pharmacy

Advert Idea:

A woman working in an office whilst a man is at home ill in bed

The point of this advert:

To show that supposedly that men are the weaker sex, women get on with life and ‘cope’


Advert Three:

Chocolate Bar Advertisement

Slogan: Because Chocolate is more reliable than a man

Product Name: Milk Chocolate, Sweet Escape

Advert Idea:

A woman posing happily with a chocolate bar

The point of this advert?

To show women don’t need men to be happy, this makes men insecure as they like to feel as if they’re needed.



Ideas may be expanded but these are the basic ideas to start basing the designs upon for now!


1950’s has finally been narrowed down!

After starting off with large broad subject of the 1950’s. I needed to whittle it down to a smaller subject. I know I definitely want to focus on design of the 1950’s adverts as these are what inspired me to do this topic.

Whilst researching I stumbled across 1950’s style adverts but are advertising modern day technology:

This then made me think:

“How about recreating the innocence whilst stirring in feelings of a brave new world?”

What was one of the main advertising campaigns in the 1950’s?

I feel it was the sexism advertisements because they’re so controversial that they’re still spoken about today.

Why don’t I flip this?

I could create sexist adverts towards men. It would be very controversial! Which would definitely make it stand out, I would try to make it light hearted as don’t want it to be a to serious campaign and most importantly this hasn’t been done before!

Now time to research and create the project title!