Finalised Advert Ideas

After a whole load of research, the ideas for the three adverts have been finalised! There will shortly be a blog post with an overview of the research done to get to this stage.


Advert One:

Washing Machine Advertisement

Slogan: So simple, that even a man can use it

Product Name: Spinner Machine

Advert Outline Idea:

Man smiling with his new purchase

The point of the advert

Swapping household chores stereotype, showing that men can do/ are happy to do household chores as well.


Advert Two:

‘Man Flu’ Medicine

Slogan: For when he is ill but you don’t have time to be

Product Name: ‘Man Flu’ Relief, Betty’s Pharmacy

Advert Idea:

A woman working in an office whilst a man is at home ill in bed

The point of this advert:

To show that supposedly that men are the weaker sex, women get on with life and ‘cope’


Advert Three:

Chocolate Bar Advertisement

Slogan: Because Chocolate is more reliable than a man

Product Name: Milk Chocolate, Sweet Escape

Advert Idea:

A woman posing happily with a chocolate bar

The point of this advert?

To show women don’t need men to be happy, this makes men insecure as they like to feel as if they’re needed.



Ideas may be expanded but these are the basic ideas to start basing the designs upon for now!



The class split into 3 groups, where we all had to think of a few ideas for an app we then had to pitch these ideas , so each group has a main app for them to focus on . My idea was a lipstick app and my other group members ideas were to do with music and snowboarding.

After pitching these 3 ideas , the lipstick idea was chosen. To explain the app as basically as i can i will write it down numbered:

1. Pick the object which is the colour you like

2. aim the camera at this colour object and take a photo.

3. the app then goes onto to a page which has all the lipsticks that you can buy in that specific shade ( the shade is the object you took a picture of)

4. All the lipsticks which come in that shade are shown , so are the companies, how much it is and also there’s links where you can just simply press the link and the you have ordered that lipstick to your own front door.

My group now had to think of a company name ,slogan , target audience

Name: Lip-pic

Slogan Colourise Your Lips

target auidence :16+ females

What the website will consist of : Homepage = intor/about, download, CTA , trends. social

We could include Affiliates?

My group has now split up and we are now working on own individual designs for the website to advertise this app.