Finalised Advert Ideas

After a whole load of research, the ideas for the three adverts have been finalised! There will shortly be a blog post with an overview of the research done to get to this stage.


Advert One:

Washing Machine Advertisement

Slogan: So simple, that even a man can use it

Product Name: Spinner Machine

Advert Outline Idea:

Man smiling with his new purchase

The point of the advert

Swapping household chores stereotype, showing that men can do/ are happy to do household chores as well.


Advert Two:

‘Man Flu’ Medicine

Slogan: For when he is ill but you don’t have time to be

Product Name: ‘Man Flu’ Relief, Betty’s Pharmacy

Advert Idea:

A woman working in an office whilst a man is at home ill in bed

The point of this advert:

To show that supposedly that men are the weaker sex, women get on with life and ‘cope’


Advert Three:

Chocolate Bar Advertisement

Slogan: Because Chocolate is more reliable than a man

Product Name: Milk Chocolate, Sweet Escape

Advert Idea:

A woman posing happily with a chocolate bar

The point of this advert?

To show women don’t need men to be happy, this makes men insecure as they like to feel as if they’re needed.



Ideas may be expanded but these are the basic ideas to start basing the designs upon for now!


My end result for SAVE THE DATES



Different parts of design – graphic /web/ motion graphics

Using photos of the gallery, where the exhibition is being held.

Coloured sponge brush used on top of background to show the concept of students ‘absorbing’ different design techniques

1950’s has finally been narrowed down!

After starting off with large broad subject of the 1950’s. I needed to whittle it down to a smaller subject. I know I definitely want to focus on design of the 1950’s adverts as these are what inspired me to do this topic.

Whilst researching I stumbled across 1950’s style adverts but are advertising modern day technology:

This then made me think:

“How about recreating the innocence whilst stirring in feelings of a brave new world?”

What was one of the main advertising campaigns in the 1950’s?

I feel it was the sexism advertisements because they’re so controversial that they’re still spoken about today.

Why don’t I flip this?

I could create sexist adverts towards men. It would be very controversial! Which would definitely make it stand out, I would try to make it light hearted as don’t want it to be a to serious campaign and most importantly this hasn’t been done before!

Now time to research and create the project title!


Dissertation First Thoughts & Ideas!

Okay the way I work to create an idea:

  • I write loads of definitions of the brief to completely break it down
  • I write loads of notes/bullet points
  •  I draw lots of spider diagrams.

By completely extracting my ideas I finally get my end result to work with.

I like to go rather in depth with my ideas, as it’s a project I have to work on for a while and also I need to make sure it works/ it has a lot of ‘back up’ to support it.


Dissertation-a written thesis, often based on original research, usually required for a higher degree

Thesis-  A statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved: “can you support your thesis?”

Important information to remember:

Keep it SIMPLE : Best work does not involve complex theories or approaches, instead it seeks to answer an interesting question.

Don’t try and do too MUCH: Focus on one or two questions.

Planning is crucial: The more you plan the better!

Be PATIENT! : You can’t rush or take shortcuts!







Ideas For Self Initiated Project

Using spider diagrams help me so much to come up with ideas when it’s the first stage of a design process. So I have decided I am going to write out a few (or maybe even more than that) until I come up with my final idea.

First stage – IDEAS

Second Stage – My Interests

At first I was so stuck for an idea but after writing out these spider diagrams I have faint idea of what I would like to do now. I love branding (making logos, designing , setting colour scheme ,advertising). So I thought why don’t I do something that links to this. I then thought of when I am at home what do I do with most of my time? Most of my time is spent with my brother and sister, either watching television with them and playing with their toys with them. My brother and sister are 4 -7 which is a good age range when aiming at children. I have chosen children (parents of the children, to a certain point) as my target audience as I know this area quite well. I think my brother and sister find education quite boring as they’re at the age where they just want to play games. So  I thought I could make a couple of animated characters that make learning a particular subject fun? That way i can also put in some branding into my project as I can make their names as a logo, set colour schemes, chose fonts and make sure they are suitably advertised to right audience. If needed I can also use my brother and sister as part of my brand (photos). I now need to decide what kind of work I want to do with these characters.

What kind of software? What type of work?

I have decided that I may design the characters (the brand) and then make a short animation which is educational. I am designing characters to try and make something educational look/sound fun. I will test my designs out on my brother and sister as they have quite short attention spans so I want to try and make something that captivates them and makes them want to learn. I have decided to leave out making a website because an animation piece is easier for teachers to show in class and at the moment I am not fully confident with code so I don’t want to end up making something rubbish because I set myself up to high. I now need to research into companies that also aim to make education fun for kids. I need to look out how they brand themselves, what they teach, how they teach and if they actually do get the ‘fun’ part across.

Need to expand my Cloning machine idea!

My idea:

Advertise a cloning machine that will make you a smaller version of yourself!

What is the point of having a smaller version of yourself?

Useless at remembering dates? Well just pull out your clone from your pocket and tell them you want to go to that party on the 29th, when it comes to the 29th your clone will pop out your pocket and remind you of that party which is happening. Could also do other useful bits like if you get lost it could help you find the way. drop something into a small place they can climb there way and get the item back, can calculate sums for you.

A small slave? clears your crumbs off of the floor?

Basically like a small pet which shares your adventures with you.

Feeding the small clone?

Can eat any human food aslong as it is in small pieces,

Can sleep, look after itself with the products this brand sells specifically for this small human.

Where can you get this product?

Cloning machine in all major supermarkets

Have to be over a certain age?  or parental permission


PUNCH – Design agency


Gabbie, Jake and Jenny are in my design agency for this assignment. We all chose each other because we liked each others work, we know that we are all hard workers and we all bring something different each to the table to make a well rounded group. Today we decided on the design agency name , our philosophy, our roles within the group and what we set out vaguely to do.

Our Design Agency is called PUNCH . We chose this name as it is short, straight to the point and grabs attention. We want our work to grab attention and to remain in our clients memories. We have written a brief for ourselves which we have to for fill before next wednesday.

Our design agency roles

PUNCH design for print and layouts – Myself

PUNCH illustrator- Gabbie

PUNCH web coder/developer – Jake

PUNCH principle – Jenni

We are going to offer a friendly straight to the point service.

Themes – We are thinking of going for a pop art kind of theme with storyboards but this is yet to be decided.