Why Were Men Led To Believe They Were The Dominant sex? Advertisements complete

Brief Summary:

In the 1950’s sexism towards women was considered ‘normal’ and was expected. The adverts used all of 1950’s classic styling and imagery except from a controversial quote. I wondered how could I recreate advertisements from the fifties but with a totally new concept. This is when I thought of flipping the sexism around and aiming the advertisements towards men. This is a light hearted project, I am not an extreme feminist. started off broad and researched into the 1950’s, after this I discovered there’s not many gaps in this market when it comes to this era, everything has been done. What had been done wasn’t anything that stood out, it was all based around 1950’s typical diners and vintage theme. I wanted something that would grab attention and get people talking. In which I hope this project succeeds on doing so.


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Behance link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/16797279/Why-Were-Men-Led-To-Believe-They-Were-The-Dominant-Sex